Facility Use

Indoor location participants must remain in the pool area at all times. Male,  female, and family locker rooms are available. If you are accompanying an opposite sex child, you must use the family locker rooms. BOYS UNDER THE AGE OF FOUR ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE WOMEN'S LOCKER ROOM.  It is very important that Lifestyle Aquatics families do not venture into other parts of the facility. Please be sure to keep children under your direct supervision. No one is allowed to leave the pool area and roam around the facility. Food is not allowed into any of our indoor locations, this includes snacks for babies. Food waste including crumbs creates unhygienic environment for our participants.THERE IS NO FREE SWIM. 

Lesson Preparation

We recommend each participant to arrive 15 minutes early to properly prepare for each lesson. All participants must wear swim goggles that do not cover the nose (with the exception of our Aquababies participants). No t-shirts or swim shoes are allowed during swim lessons.  All participants must rinse off throughly before entering the pool. It is recommended that all participants use the restroom before the start of each lesson. All swim lessons are 30 minutes long. 

Aquababies Participants

One adult must enter the water with each Aquababies participant. That adult is exclusively responsible for the safety of the baby both in the pool and the surrounding areas (siblings must be accompanied by a second adult).  It is very important for adults to listen to their teacher at all times and only practice a skill with their baby when instructed to do so.  Unfortunately for short periods of illness we are unable to refund your class fee. For longer periods of illness please contact us and we can look at issuing a credit for use on a future course (doctor’s note required). Babies must wear swim diapers. Regular diapers are not allowed in the pool. Babies not suitably attired will be refused entry. Babies who are ill must not swim. Any babies or adults experiencing sickness and diarrhea must be illness/diarrhea free for a minimum of 24 hrs. prior to their next scheduled lesson.


Payments MUST be made prior to the first lesson in the purchased package. Lifestyle Aquatics has the right to not conduct a lesson until payment is made. Visit us at  www.lifestyleaquatics.com to make an online payment with your credit card/debit card. We do not accept checks. Instructors are not authorized to accept swim lesson payments. A charge of $25.00 for any returned payments will be assessed.  Automatic recurring payments will be drafted monthly from the registered credit/debit card. To withdraw from automatic payments you must send a 30 day notice via email. Fees paid to LIFESTYLE AQUATICS are non-refundable. Unused swim lesson packages will expire after 30 days if the participant has not started or no contact has been made in terms of start date.  


All swimmers should be dressed in proper swim attire and ready to begin at the scheduled start time. If the student is more than 15 minutes late the lesson will be forfieted. Private lessons will not be extended if the participant is tardy. If the instructor is tardy, arrangements will be made to makeup missed time. Participants enrolled in group swim lessons using a voucher must attend swim lessons consecutively. Missed lessons can not be rescheduled. Participants enrolled in group swim lesson on recurring monthly pay must give a 7-day notice via email to reschedule a missed group lesson.  Two unexcused lessons in a row will result in loss of all remaining lessons (this excludes participants on recurring payments).  To reschedule a missed private lesson, please send us a  7-days advance notice otherwise, the lesson will be forfieted. 

Inclement Weather

 In the event of inclement weather during  lessons, which includes heavy rain, thunderstorms, cold or dangerous weather, swim lessons will be rescheduled. When outdoors, the instructors will use the 30-30 rule when determining the severity of a thunderstorm. Please check our Facebook page before each scheduled class for weather, and pool closing updates.

Voucher Users

Vouchers my only be used once per participant. Swim lessons must be used consecutively. There are no make-up lessons for group swim lessons. Two missed group lessons in a row will result in removal from the class. Two unexcused private swim lessons will result in removal from roster. 

Pool Closings

In the event of a pool closing the participant will be credited for the missed lessons. The missed lesson credit will only be redeemable for the missed registered class. The missed lesson credit is not transferable to another participant.  

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